LBCD Company

We're proudly one of Mississauga's top Maintenance companies

LBCD Maintenance is a reputable organization that provides renovation services sanitary solutions, restoration, handyman work and custom design. Proudly we demonstrate excellence through our on-time delivery and under budget results at every opportunity.  Focused on service quality we stay updated with the knowledge of advanced industrial equipment.

At LBCD Maintenance we provide our clients with ongoing solutions. We are confident that our extensive list of facility services will match and exceed your expectations.

What we do

We are a 24/7 service to your urgent needs. Ready and willing to deliver distinct maintenance, housekeeping or renovation services that exceed your expectations. Flexibility is in our approach to assure a timely response to your requests. This is important as we promote satisfaction to our clients and teams.

How we do it

We are a full-service organization meaning our clients can concentrate on core business ventures while leaving their facilities service, maintenance, and renovation services to certified experts. Whether you recognize it or not everyday bacteria, dust and debris accumulate. Our aim is to ensure that the area you spend most of your day is up to par.

Transforming the appearance of your facility is an investment in productivity.

Why we do it

The appearance of your building will have a direct effect on your employees and a freshly renovated office immediately prompts employees to become extra productive. Transforming the appearance of your facility is an investment in productivity. Call LBCD’s creative design team to have us complete your renovation services and give you the look and feel that will blow your mind and drive success.