LBCD housekeeping standards

A workspace should reflect the company’s mission statement also be flexible enough to allow for change and growth. So as your company grows the conservation of space becomes more and more important. LBCD will maintain proper housekeeping standards so you never have uncertainty.

LBCD green commercial cleaning

Green Commercial Cleaning

We promote green carpet and furniture cleaning techniques to preserve the environment. The intention here is to help our customers comply with the (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System.

cleaned by expert carpet-cleaning service

Carpet & Furniture Maintenance

As dust accumulates it will damage the carpet fibers permanently. If housekeeping is disregarded the result would be a dull carpet that has lost its appeal. You will also find that many carpet manufacturers’ warranties are specific about their product being cleaned by expert carpet-cleaning service at regular intervals. 

Here is the one-stop shop for all your sanitation needs

Corporate Housekeeping

Over the years we have managed to build a credible reputation for trained engineers who operate extensive purification and dust housekeeping services. Here is the one-stop shop for all your sanitation needs including but not limited to carpet, wood floor, tile, granite, marble, furniture fabric, and wood furniture.

carpets still need to be properly cleaned and maintained

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning

Carpeting today are manufactured with long-lasting fibers that prevent soiling and are resistant to stains, they still need to be properly cleaned and maintained.  LBCD specialists are outfitted for the hard surfaces on your furniture and will rotate cushions preventing collapse. We also vacuum furniture on a consistent basis, remove stains, repairing, dusting, refinishing, and waxing wood, polishing metal armrests and legs.

LBCD’s organization of experts practice revolutionary methods of refining your window blinds

Blind Cleaning

For the best in blind cleaning at your place call LBCD. Providing a meticulous housekeeping routine with the elimination of any dust particles, bacteria or infectious components. LBCD’s organization of experts practice revolutionary methods of refining your window blinds. The professionals here at LBCD provide top class deep cleaning for your blinds to help back that original shine you recall.

Licensed & Professional Tradesmen

Our talented tradesmen complete work plans on time and overcome obstacles. We handle electrical, plumbing repairs, office suite redesign including carpentry, new floors, window installation, and repairs, upgrades to bathroom and kitchen facilities, plaster, paint, and drywall along with corporate housekeeping.

Housekeeping Done Right Everytime

Large or small, empty or furnished, every facility will eventually require thorough cleaning on a routine basis to maintain a professional environment. LBCD’s housekeeping team of trained experts will take care of your facilities cleaning needs!